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  RE: Strathmore “The Music of Light

“Dancing overhead a mobile of acrylic prisms by New York artist Meryl Taradash adds a playful touch.”

Deborah K. Dietsch, The Washington Times, Arts & Culture Section, February 5, 2005




“…sculptures by artist Meryl Taradash, “The Music of Light,” are suspended above the steps
– made of shaped acrylic prisms and curved metal supports- spanning more than 96 feet and casting rainbows of light.”

Dickson Mercer, February, 3, 2005, The Frederick News - Post



  “The work selected from 75 entries for the Grand Staircase, “The Music of Light,” by New York artist Meryl Taradash, was completed and installed in December 2004. Spanning the 96 feet of open vertical space above the three-level staircase, the sculpture is composed of shaped acrylic prisms and curved polished aluminum arcs that reflect light and gently move with the natural air currents…”

Phyllis McIntosh, Applause at Strathmore, September/October 2005
“Spotlight on Strathmore Sculptures”


  Re: “The Caged Bird Dances II

“After another turn behind one of the smaller indoor galleries, the garden opens up to a display
of more impressive sculptures, like my personal favorite, “Caged Bird” by Meryl Taradash. This
one is a giant, graceful mobile made of stainless steel and plain steel, and it answers to the wind.”

Emily J. Weitz, “Strolling Among The Sculptures,” Dan’s Papers, July 2, 2004



RE: Fordham

“Across town, in Fordham University’s sculpture garden on Robert Moses Plaza at Lincoln Center, Meryl Taradash reigns supreme with her huge aluminum works….Structurally unique, they depend – literally on the will of the wind, which turns them.”

“Sculptures Take To The Great Outdoors”
Mila Andre, The Daily News, May 4, 2001




"As I approached Meryl’s studio, I knew I would see wind-driven sculptures, however,
the lyricism, poetics and the mythological references were startling, expecting as I did
more of an industrial presentation. The viewer is riveted in these almost ‘melodious’
works, so that one can almost hear sound. I await seeing them dancing in the wind in
our Sculpture Garden.”

Dr. Vivienne Thaul Wechter
Curator Fordham University



  The Sculpture of Meryl Taradash
Maureen Korp


Sculpture Magazine - March 1999



Frozen Rain Series

Jessica Altholz, “Commissions,” Sculpture, November/December 1988




Re: “Light Dance

“Her three-story suspended sculpture, made of ¼” acrylic sheets and aircraft cable, is her attempt to create a three-dimensional painting in space. She chose acrylic because it approximates watercolor characteristics of transparency, light, color and gesture.”

Kent Kiser, “Commissions,” International Sculpture , January/February 1986



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